ossip is born in The Hague in 1952.
He lives and works in The Hague and in Hudimesnil, France.

A series of collages and assemblages of ossip were on display at the Verbeke Foundation in the exhibition Itineris Magna in 2016.

Today, the Dutch artist Ossip is best known for his mobile assemblages made from images taken from medical books and old newspapers. Although some of these works are included in the exhibition at the Verbeke Foundation, it is mainly older and rarely shown works that we have chosen to highlight. A series of minimalist collages/paintings, reflecting the taste of the artist for the game of balance between form and colour; but also a series of drawings, collages and small cardboard sculptures, a genuine cast of characters in bright colours that tell us a story which we are free to invent. There is something of the spontaneity of Art Brut in these early works, a form of art of which Jean Dubuffet said that it made us witness “the artistic operation in its pure, raw state, totally reinvented from all its phases by its author, solely from his own impulses”.


Dick Raaijmakers

Frank Eerhart
Petri Snoeck

ISBN NL 978 90 81 3858 1 7
ISBN EN 978 90 81 3858 2 4
ISBN DE 978 90 81 3858 3 1

302 pages
30 x 22 cm