Eric De Volder, Knippen Plakken


Eric De Volder (1946-2010), theatre maker and plastic artist, founded Drama Group Ceremonia in 1992. At his theatre loft KIM (Kunst
Is Modder) in Oudburg in Ghent, he gathered some friends and colleagues from his theatre past (including from the Etherisch String ensemble Parisiana) for the performance Come Back. Gradually, the general public also discovered ‘the best kept secret’ of Ghent, and performances such as Achiel De Baere, Come Back, Soup, Nightly Symposium, Room and the Man, Poète et Prisonnier, Cockroaches, Gruis, Dolmen, Improbably normal ending story, Regent and regentes, Deep in the forest, Vadria, Silk there, Black Birds in the trees, The Hippopotamus, Behind ‘t food, Fire, Armarium Mortis , Au nom du père, Meestersnacht, Interpreters, Smoor, Godses and Franz Woyzeck could be seen in Ghent and other halls at home and abroad. Eric made sketches during every rehearsal process. Ten years ago Eric died after his NTGent Franz Woyzeck premiere.
Ten performances are the common thread in this book.
As a commemoration taped by Tania Desmet, life companion.



Verbeke Foundation

Els Van Steenberghe

ISBN 20209789464000023

200 pages
24 x 17 cm


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