Paul Panhuysen




Verbeke has been collecting collages and assemblages for more than 30 years and his collection now consists of more than 6,000 pieces by mainly Belgian artists from the early 20th century to the present day. The collection was created in a very personal way. Being touched by the works of art is the first requirement. By means of looking, reading and searching a lot, in combination with the
“disease” that is called collecting, the Verbeke Foundation now has a unique collection of international importance. And yet, there is always something he has never seen before. “And all this is good, beautiful, really beautiful!”, is Geert’s spontaneous reaction when Hélène shows him the collages. Panhuysen made a total of 28 col-lages between 1962 and 1964 and they have not lost anything of their strength.

With this book, we like to keep Paul Panhuysen’s collages accesible to a large audience. The art historian Jaap Bremer (NL º1936) elaborates the developments in Panhuysen’s work with a focus on the collages. In parallel with Bremer’s story, works and projects are presented in a timeline. To conclude, his son Raphaël Panhuysen looks back through the collages to the years around his birth in Friesland in 1963 and sheds new light on the collages as he sees them now.



Verbeke Foundation

Jaap Bremer
Raphaël Panhuysen

ISBN 9789493039308

116 pages
24 x 17 cm

isbn 9789464000030

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