Paul De Vylder, Machinations


The publication Machinations was published on the occasion of the solo exhibition of Paul De Vylder in the winter of 2019-2020 at the Verbeke Foundation. An exhibition with drawings, paintings and installations.

The book gives insight into the development of the work of this artist-philosopher from 1963 to 2019.

Bewilderment – image and display

What do I think about when I think of Paul De Vylder? To the only artist-philosopher dreamed by Nietzsche. Not as a successful synthesis, but as a monster that is causing unrest in both areas and leaving these two areas without any areas. What do artist and philosopher have in common? Both are bewildered, dismayed, perplexed. This is the way I see, the way I thing Paul De Vylder: as someone who, on the edge of the furthest, is and remains bewildered – about one's own monstrosity, and who wants to remain like this, always equally fresh, equally naïve.

Text: Frank Vande Veire


Verbeke Foundation

Frank Vande Veire
Paul De Vylder

Editor NL
Marianne Kleijwegt

ISBN 9789464000009

138 pages
24 x 17 cm


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