Mark Verstockt, La genèse de la forme


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A book must be read from front to back. After all, that’s how it unfolds its structure and the inherent way of thinking. The writer/composer of the work, on the other hand, usually starts from behind: he has discovered something that he wants to describe and to make clear to the outsider. He must take the reader to the point where he himself – through study, by self-examination, perhaps by chance – arrived. He must indicate the entrance to the labyrinth so that the reader can enter and pick up the wire on the way to the center.

The writer/painter Mark Verstockt, with his spirit product, The Genesis of form, from chaos to geometry, is no exception to this rule. Among other things, he has discovered in his own expressions of art that the forms, triangle, circle and square applied by many in modern art, are rightly primal forms and can be found in all cultures from the earliest beginning, either separately or in combination.

Source: Ons Erfdeel, jaargang 25, 1982

Published in Dutch and French

Mark Verstockt

ISBN 9789072191700

183 pages
17 x 24 cm


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