Gust Romijn, 100 jaar


In 1922 he comes into the world and looking back he must have immediately embraced life full of energy and curiosity. 
As an artist he absorbs everything that happens around him and in a seventy years of working life he goes through all kinds of styles and techniques, always with the same depth and energy. He throws himself into his work. Whether they are drawings, graphic work, sculptures or installations, sometimes figurative, usually abstract, to then retreat for a while and embark on a new adventure with full energy. Life and work are one big journey of discovery for him. 
For thirty years he has played a colourful role in the Rotterdam art scene, is an artistic designer for Poetry International and Film International Rotterdam, has commissioned several monumental works and has held teaching positions. In 1983 he moves with his partner Marianne Kleijwegt and her children to Dreischor in Zeeland, where he becomes one with Zeeland and commissions the Watersnoodmonument and finds a connection with the vast and raw Zeeland landscape in his work.




Uitgeverij De Bovenkamer

Geert Verbeke – preface
Marianne Kleijwegt

Marianne Kleijwegt

Geert Smorenburg

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