Zoro Feigl, Sun-spark spraying


Dutch artist Zoro Feigl has built his remarkable oeuvre with installations that roar and meander, are both exhilarating and terrifying, intimidate and then sooth. The works in Sun-spark spraying mark a new step in Feigl’s oeuvre. In his work, Zoro tries to capture natural phenomena and everyday things in installations. Think of the behaviour of a swarm of starlings, ridges in the sand in the surf or glowworms on your retina, which you see if you close your eyes for a long time. Zoro tries to grasp these elusive situations and to unlock them in his work. Suddenly he is in control. Only for a moment, because when he turns on his installations, everything – the starlings, the glowworms – all go in a direction that he himself could never have predicted. The work itself becomes alive again.


Nai010 Publishers

Ellis Kat

ISBN/EAN 9789462087293

48 pages
27 x 24 cm

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