Szukalski, Eenvoudig dus moeilijk


On the occasion of the exhibition, the Verbeke Foundation publishes a book about Albert Szukalski (1945-2000). With more than a hundred assemblages, sculptures, collages, drawings and paintings, we pay attention to the oeuvre of this still largely unknown artist who was one of the most original figures of the Antwerp art scene in the 1970s. Not for nothing did he call himself the “situation maker”, true heir to the Dadaist and surrealist spirit. Szukalski had a playful and impulsive approach to the art of assembly and followed no trends – each piece is a story in itself. Szukalski embodies dreams, and as Frank Heirman sums it up: «he managed to evoke a strange, sometimes macabre situation with everyday objects». Attention is paid to his early and little-known assemblages and to his collaboration with galleries such as Multi-Art, The Black Panther and the Pink Poets group. Over the years, Szukalski has made hundreds of variations on the ghost theme, from poetic to humorous works. A wide range of ghosts from different periods are explained, notably three of his very first spirits made in 1971, called L’entourage du vide or “The Outline of the Void,” which demonstrate the artist’s obsession with making the elusive visible.



Verbeke Foundation

Frank Heirman
Ivo Michiels
Johan Pas
Henri-Floris Jespers
Netty Vangheel
Rudy Witse

Concept and design
Marie Verboven
Thijs Vandeursen

Marianne Kleijwegt

ISBN 9789464000061

289 pagina’s
24.5 x 17.5 x 3.5 cm


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Dimensions 24.5 × 17.5 × 3.5 cm