Wim Taciturn, 100% Collages


On the occasion of the retrospective during the winter exhibition 2016-2017, the Verbeke Foundation published a richly illustrated book about the artist’s work: Wim Taciturn 100% Collages.

André Stas, a major figure of Belgian collage, said about him: “Wim had a keen sense of layout and did not care about unnecessary additions, hitting the mark with an almost scientific economy of means. Having practiced this form of art (minor, perhaps, but much more difficult than it seems) for half a century, I now come to recognize the quality of a fellow artist’s images, which is blindingly obvious when it comes to Wim.” Wim Taciturn’s collages talk about the consumer society, about religion, about war, about love. It is a man’s view on his contemporaries and on the world surrounding him. Wim Taciturn had no basic material of choice, cutting antique prints as well as advertising magazines. This is what makes the richness of his work, the diversity of its components and the precision of the one who assembles them.

Verbeke Foundation

ISBN/EAN 9082520826 / 9789082520828

142 pages
17 x 24 cm

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